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Ramp Riders is provided and funded by Project Freedom LTD charity | Charity Registration No. 1151778

Believe in Her Campaign

Ramp Riders have joined Wigan Council in “Believe in Her!” a campaign designed to tackle sexism and empower women to believe in themselves and celebrate their achievements. Ramp Riders are well aware of the Male dominated portrayal of the Sport and Skate Parks. We want to break the mould accepted by the young women of our society.

The “Believe in Her” campaign is just one way in which Ramp Riders are standing firm in the belief that girls can be just as good as the boys on our Skate Park.

“From my experience of people entering our skate park for the first time, it’s the girls rather than the boys who achieve more. Most of the boys feel that they can do it, and carry an ego that is hard to teach. The girls on the other hand are generally the opposite and need encouraging at first to go on the ramps, but once they do, they listen and take instructions well. At the end of the lesson, many achieve more than what the boys did. From my perspective the “Believe in Her” campaign not only encourages more girls into the sport, but gives them a sense of achievement in a male dominated sport.”

Keith Ingham (Ramp Riders co-ordinator )

Ramp Riders met Jessica Helm up in Standish, a young girl who was so determined in her achievement they found that there was no stopping her.

She herself said.

“It was a tiny bit scary, but I loved it. I will definitely come again.”